Friday, July 31, 2009

Song of the Moment

My Song of the Moment is Jay-z"Can't Knock The Hustle ft. Beyonce" This song is actually from his first Cd "Reasonable Doubt" the original song is actually sang with Mrs. Mary J. Blige but at Jay-z Reasonable Doubt 10th Anniversary My girl Mrs. Beyonce replaced her for that night. I really love this song especially with the live band the strings play so beautifully. I added a clip of the audio performance I hope you enjoy.

Back to School PacSun Guys

My Fellas I always love the skater look so her are some new gear I picked out for yall check it out.

Back to School PacSun

Here you go ladies as me and my friend can say here is your "New Attitude" which means New clothes. Pac Sun is a great place to shop and great for back to school too. Check them out.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Song of the Moment

Ok My wonderful People my Song Of The Moment is actually 3. I recently bought Destiny's Child Fulfilled Tour and Watch it everyday there harmonies are insane and always on point, minor cords im in love with but enough with the music talk lol. I added a clip of the songs I fell in love with from the tour "Girl,Free,If and I'm Through With Love" I hope yall enjoy.

Hollister Back To School Guys

Ok Guy's I just gave the Ladies sum ideas about sum back to school clothes now I have sum ideas for yall check them out.