Friday, July 10, 2009


I know alot you u feel in love with the Dreamgirls movie you probably haven't stop watching it since the day it came out on dvd.Well get ready for this Dreamgirls is back on Broadway. This full of onstage joy and backstage drama going to be no where else but the city we love and enjoy New York. The shows opening night is going to be November 7, 2009 at no other than the Apollo Theater. The show will have many names that we have seen befor such as Mrs.Moya Angela who will be playing Effie she also has played in The Lion King on Broadway also Mrs.Syesha Mercado who will be playing no other than Deena Jones you may rember her American Idol season 7 she was the 2nd runner-up. This is going to be a great show hopefully I will get to see it .

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