Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Style Break Down

Many you probably are like Man I already seen that this morning why is just she posting something everybody else is posting. Well first off im going into details of what Mrs.B is rocking in this pic of her enjoying her monday afternoon with her Fam. So take a look of My fav singer!

Here is the Gucci Strapless Short Jumper Beyonce is wearing in the Pic Above. The Orignal cost is $1995. but u can catch it on sell for $799 on Gucci's website

The Shoes that she is wearing are the Giuseppe Zanotti cut out leather boots. She has on the custom mid leg boots but the cost of these right here are $449.30

Last but not least her purse. Her purse is a Fendi studded clutch and is worth $2,035 but a inside source tells me that she got it for free.You got to love it.

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