Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Battle Between Halo

Well many People have been talking about Kelly Clarkson's new song "Already Gone" If you haven't heard the backing track sounds alot like Beyonce "Halo" song. The only reason the 2 tracks sound alike is because the same person who produced Beyonce's track also did Kelly's track. Kelly has said "She didn't understand why he would give her the same track" she also said "I was not trying to ripp the track i just didn't know, I have tried my hardest to stop the track from being released but they are going aganist my consent. I just want to let Beyonce have her Glory of the song". I have listened to the song and im not to fond of it. I have added both Beyonce and Kelly's songs so yall can see which one yall like or just to hear what they sound like.

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