Saturday, July 11, 2009

Have Your Own Life Befor Your Someone Else's Wife/ My Thought Of The Day.

I know this is a old interview with Beyonce on Oprah,but I watched it again today and after I heard Beyonce say "Have your own life befor your someone elses wife" it really did something to me. I think she really told the truth about this many people rush into things to quick. You need to be your own person and be and do whatever you want to do befor you become someones wife. I added the clip so yall can see the whole interview but at 4:07 is where she say's this. Yall tell me how yall feel about this.


  1. been followen u. im the one with the dunks as my pic.. I was in a rush and didentt sighn in. lol,, mybad.

  2. yea i like this too, no need to hope into something with some dude when you can be doing something so much greater for yourself