Friday, July 10, 2009

What Heck Is Wrong With The GAME

Has The Game really lost his D**** mind, this is crazy. How u going to spit stuff about Jay-z and then Bring Beyonce in it, see man dats not cool at all. Everybody knows you dont mess with the Queen B as long as her Stans are around. I think the game is just hating because he cant make the money like Jay, hey look at him tha dude is loaded clothing lines, record deals and he is on tour in the U.s. man is untouchable. The Game just mad because he has to tour out the United States and can only get a Gig in these small bars in Mexico he need to sit his 1 hit wonder A** down. I feel like this is going to get ugly and I feel like they hating on Jay-z because of his song D.O.A they know he is tellin the truth. Everbody should Boycott The Game in anything he do. Here is a clip of what The Game Said .

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  1. This clip is wack as HELL!!! Just earlierthis year the game was on a youtube video crying real tears talking about how he doesn't want to do hip hop anymore and how he wants to quit and now he's on stage with this WACK ASS wannabe diss song to Jigga. The Game needs to go back to his day job(which is givng 50 head all day and all night) and let two of the games greatest entertainers(Hov and B) continue to be successful and shine like the stars they are. Completeley tasteless show of wmotions by the game and like it says in the video he's overseas in Madrid, Spain with that. No way any crowd in the United Stated would be yelling out "Fuck Jay-z". Once again another great post. Follow me at