Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bijules Nyc

Well you know I had to post my girl this morning. Yea you got it right Beyonce. You probably have seen from other blogs that Beyonce had bought $36,000 nails. So I wanted to show yall the upclose version of the nails and the designer. The designer is Jules Kim she designs convey concepts that reflect American propaganda for the empowerment of women, the innocence of childhood and the dark humor of adulthood. She makes pieces that hang, hug, clip, cut, and curve. These objects accentuate the body and represent not only her personal statements but also each wearers’ interpretation of themselves and their environment. In order to express oneself there must be a means of communication and jewelry is the instrument for Jules Kim of Bijules. On the Bijules website you can see the Diamond Pave Nail Ring that Beyonce wore. If you want one of these beautiful rings they are $4,500.00 each. I have the pics of the
Diamond Pave Nail Ring below here and I also have added the video again.

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